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Cultural Roots of Marie Kondo’s “Tidy Up”

It is fair to say Marie Kondo is one of the most well-known Asian names today. As her Netflix show "Tidy Up" debuted with instant success in January, the KonMari Method and her catch phrase "Does it spark joy?" has sparked national trend to declutter. Thrift stores and charity donations have experienced nationwide lift ever since. People have even taken her approach further to other aspects of life: managing their LinkedIn profile, personal relationships, and much more. "Marie Kondo" has officially made its way into the dictionary as a verb and the epiphany of joy.

Cultural Moments in “Bao”

Did you watch Pixar's Oscar winning animated short "Bao?" This 8-minute short, released as the appetizer to Incredibles 2 in 2018, has been receiving widespread attention. Second-generation Asian Canadian director, Domee Shi artfully told the story many immigrant families find it dear to their hearts. It is a story between over-protective parents and their children. It is a story about the cultural identity struggles of a second-generation immigrant.

Subtle Asian Memes

Did you check the Facebook group Subtle Asian Traits we shared last week? With 1.2 million active members, Subtle Asian Traits (SAT) is becoming a significant part of the Asian American pop culture. Tagging each other in SAT is now an indication of tight relationship among friends. Getting a submission published in SAT is now a bragging right of one's authentic Asianess. Inspired by its booming popularity, a handful of other projects are also taking over the community: Subtle Asian Dating, Subtle Curry Traits, Subtle Christian Traits, etc.