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Please remove your shoes

Shoes at the door

I'll start this week's dose with a follow up to my last one a couple weeks ago as many readers have inquired as to how my daughter Ally is doing. I'm happy to report that she's back to 100% and is excited to start distance learning tomorrow through her middle school. Thank you all for your concern and well wishes - and I hope you and your loved ones are all faring OK during this challenging time we are in. Given that we are spending so much time at home these days, it's allowed me a bit of time to reflect upon some things that are somewhat different in Asian American homes than in non-Asian American homes - and one of those differences is the topic this week's dose, which I hope you enjoy and can relate to.
Corona virus face mask

The Coronavirus Effect Pt. 2: Face Masks

Given what we're going through and everything else I selfishly could be dealing with, I debated with myself if I should write this or not - but I honestly think sharing related experiences and helping to spread knowledge can only help us to get through this together.  So these Doses may come out a bit less frequently, but you can trust that they'll keep coming! Ok. So my 13 year old daughter Ally is sick. I don't know if it's Coronavirus because they won't test (not at high enough risk / not meeting CDC requirements given there aren't enough tests available). She has a persistent fever, is lethargic (definitely not like her) and has a sore throat - but tested negative for the flu and strep so they sent her home saying she has a common cold. She's been in bed for 4 days straight, but is doing much better today - resting a lot, drinking fluids, and seems to be on the mend as she sat up and read in bed for a while and has ventured out of her bedroom. It may just be a bad bad cold... some other nasty bug going around. But to be safe we are all staying home, washing hands a LOT, and when she has recently come out of her room to be around us, Ally wears a face mask. And that is what brings me to today's topic.

The #YangGang

Regardless of our political biases, I sincerely hope that everyone feels some level of excitement in seeing our democracy at work on a day like Super Tuesday. Thus, I thought I would take this opportunity to talk a bit about the elections and Asian American's increasingly important role in them. And in doing so, also highlight a surprising candidate from this year's Democratic primaries that made it further than just about anyone would have predicted a year ago. In fact, he was the last person of color to drop out of the race as a Democratic presidential hopeful. That man is 44 year old tech entrepreneur and son of Taiwanese immigrants, Andrew Yang.