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The Ultimate Asian Wardrobe

Where are the majority of your outfits made in? Although "Made in America" has been gaining momentum, a big part of your wardrobe probably came from Asia. In 2017, 54% of America's textile and clothing were imported from the top 3 countries - China (36%), Vietnam (11%), and India (7%). With the rise of fast fashion, consumers now buys 60% more clothing every year and keeps them half as long compared to 15 years ago. Because of such fast turnaround and higher demand, even more clothes are being imported from Asian now than 2017.

K-Pop & Latinos

As readers of this blog, you are likely in marketing. And as someone in marketing/advertising, if I ask you what BTS means, odds are you're going to answer "Back To School". However, if you have a teen in the house, don't be surprised if they look at you and wonder how you could possibly know about the hottest K-Pop boy band around. (go ahead, give it a try!) BTS or the BangTan Boys, is a hugely popular K-pop band that has toured in the states, has billions of views on YouTube and not long ago released a song called “Idol” that broke worldwide twitter records and a YouTube 24 hour view record previously held by Taylor Swift. And one potentially surprising stat was that 8.7% of all global mentions of “Idol” were from U.S. based Hispanics. And 46.1% of their conversations were in Spanish and 19.7% were bilingual English and Spanish. ( ) Wait... Korean pop music being talked about in Spanish in the US? What's going on here?